Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back in CA

So, we are back in CA...for a few months. In the time that we are here, Steve is getting his EMT and we plan to go back home at the end of June. The oil rigs are supposed to start re-hiring in July and with an EMT he will be a bigger asset to the dangerous oil rig (for you Idol watchers, you now know what a rough neck is and that it's the 5th most dangerous job on earth). If the rigs do not start hiring again, he will enroll in the Fire Academy for the Fall semester. I am pleased with either of these options, but kind of hope that he decides to go the Firefighter rout. Either way, at least we have a plan. In the mean time, we are just enjoying our son and the warm weather. We really like the church here and have loved spending time with the Skarda/Drisko sides of the family. I joined a bunco team and that has been lots of fun. Here are some recent pics.


The Pascoe Family said...

Hey Kim,
Ohh I am sad that you are back in CA. But I bet the weather is nice. I have tried to call you a couple times. Hope things are going good for you guys. Love you,