Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Girl Names

Since I have been so sick this time around, I am thinking that the baby is a girl. We have never even really talked about girls names since we both felt like we would have all boys. We have boy names but only a few girl names. None of which we can completely agree on. I like Claire & Annie best and Steve is STUCK on Lucy...which I am not crazy about. He won't budge. All I think of is the bratty friend from Charlie Brown. We'll see IF the baby is a girl and IF I can convince my husband that my names are better. Any comments....suggestions???


The Pascoe Family said...

That’s funny, picking a name is seriously the hardest part (especially boy names for us).
I like Annie the best out of your three.
Names that I love but can’t use because of Seth or people I know are: Emma, Olivia, and Ashlynn.

*What happened to Grace??? If you love it, use it. I truly wouldn’t think anything of it if you named your baby girl that. Good luck and I hope that you guys are doing well :)
Sorry I haven’t called you yet. Life has been crazy!!! Love,

Shelly Elizondo said...

We are naming our baby girl Madelyn and will most likely call her Maddie. Our second choice was Ashlynn. Good Luck!